The Billings Ovulation Method™ - the original and most researched natural fertility management system in the World

Achieve your fertility goals naturally without expensive and invasive surgeries or drugs

Fertility Pinpoint™ is the home of the world's leading experts of the Billings Ovulation Method™. We help clients conceive naturally - it’s a specialty of ours and our clients are successful up to 63% of the time. Compare our success rate to anything else available and you will be astounded!

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Every step of the way our clients are guided by trained Fertility experts who have coached thousands of women worldwide and have a deep understanding of the fertility cycle, so you can relax and let us help you accurately pinpoint your fertility within one or two cycles and increase your chance of having a baby naturally.

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We are Fertility Pinpoint™ and we can help you to pinpoint your fertility and give you the best probability of achieving a natural pregnancy. We understand the variations in fertility symptoms that are unique to each couple and our method is scientifically researched and proven. We believe our success rate is the best you will find anywhere! 63% - can anyone better that?

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